online distribution

Nowadays it’s all about streaming your music on Spotify, Youtube Music etc. I can publish your music on all platforms using Emubands as an aggregator.
I make sure the masters and artwork are delivered in the correct way, and I can keep track of all the royalties. Emubands has a great way to give access to a Spotify for Artists account which enables you to have an artist page on Spotify.

video production

Visual content becomes more and more vital to promote your music, especially on social media platforms. Video productions used to be very expensive and out of reach for most musicians. But as technology evolves it has become more and more doable with cheaper equipment. I like to give it a creative approach: anything is possible, there’s no rules!

social media

Social media is a great way to promote your music. But it can be challenging as well. I can help with some strategy, creating the right content, and connecting networks.