Welcome to Westcoast Productions!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Lode de Roos. I’m a musician and a producer, born and raised (and residing) in the great city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
I have many years of experience in recording and producing music for many artists in many different styles.

Being a label and publisher as well, my company handles digital distribution, social media promotion, and physical distribution.

music production

As a music producer I’m involved in many musical projects; from sketch to final result.
Everything in between: arranging, composing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering!

As a session musician you will often find me on the keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion, vocals or sometimes all of the above.

audio visual production

Being a creative person I also like to be involved in the visual aspect of music.
So that led me to produce music videos as well; no big budget projects but compensating with some artistic input.
I also provide trailers, artwork for album covers & social media etc.

publishing / digital distribution

A a record label I can help getting your music on Spotify, iTunes and all other digital platforms.
I work with Emubands as a reliable partner in digital distribution. That also involves getting your own Spotify for Artist account.