Here’s a little about me, as a live performing musician.

On stage you will find me both as a bass player and a keyboard player. In 1985 I purchased a Ibanez Roadstar II bass, and I still love to play it on stage. Lately I added a Ibanez fretless and a Epiphone Viola bass.

Although my heart lies with original instruments like the Fender Rhodes, Hammond and Wurlitzer my usual setup is a virtual one. I used to have Ableton as Vst Instrument host, but lately I discovered Cantabile Performance Software. I have to say, it’s great! Finally I have a setup that suits my needs in every way.
Check out here:

Here’s the sounds I use:
Piano: E-Instruments Session Keys Grand S / Session Keys Grand Y
Rhodes: Scarbee Mark I
Wurlitzer: Scarbee A200
Clavinet: Scarbee Clavinet Pianet
Hammond: GSI VB3II

I use the Novation Impulse as keyboard controller. To have more control on Cantabile I have a Elgato Streamdeck attached to my setup.

I recently purchased the Crumar Mojo Classic double keyboard organ and yes, that looks and sounds awesome!!