Child from the light – Double CD


Child from the light – Double CD

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‘Child from the light’ is a child friendly lighthearted Music CD.
With songs written by Linnet and inspired by the music projects she gave to the children in Nepal.

The CD will be delivered with a nice booklet with stories, lyrics an graphic designs by Lea Sormani.

‘I’m so happy and grateful to have recorded this CD with such a large group of great musicians. Thank you so much for creating this together with so much love and musicality: Lode Roos, Max Sombroek, Dennis Barriffe, Lies Beijerinck, Pieter Kartikeya Das, Noortje Braat, Joeri de Graaf en Freek Kroon. I enjoyed every bit of it!,

This CD is funded by: Voor de kunst, Cultuurfonds Almere, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. And thanks to all the people who donated and helped to realise this project. 40% of the profits of the CD goes directly to to help foster children in Nepal to go to school.

All music and lyrics by Linnet van der Wal


Volume 1:
01 – Om Mani Padme Hum
02 – Goed genoeg
03 – Vurig paard
04 – No right or wrong
05 – Storm
06 – Who am I
07 – Being great
08 – Heen en weer
09 – Joris
10 – Thank you
11 – Leave the light on
12 – Om Benza Soto Hum
13 – Reflections of light
14 – Himalaya Kathmandu

Volume 2:
01 – Child from the light
02 – Alles wat jij bent
03 – Power of I am
04 – Glendalough
05 – Elisa
06 – Stay in the light
07 – Radiant
08 – Restlessness
09 – Bluebird
10 – Open the door
11 – Do what you please

Volume 1 is produced by Lode de Roos / Westcoast Productions
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lode de Roos

Volume 2 is produced by Nineyard studio Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Sombroek

Design cover and booklet: Lea Sormani English grammar: De Moel vertalingen and Sameena Khan


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